INTEGRITY RTOS – The flagship RTOS available from Green Hills Software is designed and built around a separation kernel architecture that provides real-time performance, total reliability and absolute security. Since the initial release over 18 years ago, the INTEGRITY RTOS has become the industry standard for systems demanding the highest levels of safety, security and reliability.

Advantage of iWave – INTEGRITY RTOS Solutions

iWave platforms based on NXP i.MX 6 and Renesas RZ/G1M processors in combination with the INTEGRITY RTOS provide many advantages including, but not limited to the following:

  • Security: Solutions that inherently have better security starting from the hardware level.
  • Flexibility: design solutions that combine the most reliable RTOS and high-end processor (up to ARM Quad core at 1GHz).
  • Compact (ITX standard) platforms with high-end Graphics support, including dedicated 2D/3D with OpenGL support.
  • Customer focused offshore/onsite support at various levels.

iWave provide effective custom INTEGRITY RTOS BSP development service for Medical, Industrial and Automotive domains. In addition, iWave also provide driver development, bug fixing services and boot time optimization.


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