Arria 10 SoC SoM

iWave Systems, a leading embedded products & services company, launched the Arria 10 SoC SoM FPGA based on Arria 10 SX family device with F34 package and it combines the flexibility and ease of programming of a CPU with the configurability and parallel processing power of an Intel FPGA and this module is equipped with 32-bit DDR4 memory support for HPS with optional ECC and 64-bit DDR4 support for FPGA.

In this System On Module has a board to board connector interfaces including all this IOs and high-speed transceivers blocks will be available. Arria 10 SOCs, combines a rich dual-core ARM Cortex A9 MPCore hard processor system (HPS) with industry-leading programmable logic technology. It offers a processor with a rich feature set of embedded peripherals, hardened floating-point variable-precision digital signal processing blocks, high-speed transceivers, hard memory controllers,

Secure boot capability, using Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm and Advanced Encryption Standard, and protocol intellectual property controllers all in a single highly integrated package. Arria 10 SoC SoM achieve the unprecedented increase in performance with the reduction in power, form factor, cost and ideally suitable for performing applications such as infrastructure & intelligent equipment, test & measurement equipment, medical imaging equipment, storage and broadcasting.

System module is designed to meet the performance, power, and cost requirements of applications such as Test and measurement equipment, Control, and intelligence equipment, Diagnostic medical imaging equipment, Wireless infrastructure equipment, Compute and storage equipment and Broadcast and distribution equipment. With a design compact 95mm x 75mm form factor. Arria 10 System on the module is supported with 40°C to +85°C Industrial operating temperature and enabled with Linux 4.1.22 BSP support.

All 12 RX/TX Gigabit transceivers can be used to implement high bandwidth video standards such as 12G SDI or DisplayPort. This requires a careful clocking strategy to minimize jitter for sensitive applications such as SDI

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