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On-board Diagnostics or OBD is an automotive system that allows a vehicle owner or a repair technician to get the details of the vehicle right from the mobile/pc. iWave Systems, an OBD II Device Manufacturer, recently developed its own OBD II device. Our OBD II which meets the present technological requirements comprising all the latest communication features like 4G LTE, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth and navigating/positioning features like GPS/GNSS.

iWave’s OBD II device is one of the outstanding amongst other connected car solutions available in the market. Our OBD II device follows all standard OBD II protocols and comprises of 9 Axis sensors to screen the vehicle’s wellbeing and drivers’ conduct that could be accumulated and sent to cloud over 4G LTE Cellular networks. Talking about the size, safety, the device is featured with power proficient ARM processor making the device compact, secure and reliable.

OBD II Device Manufacturer – OBD II on Linux with Cloud Integration

Our OBD II runs on Linux OS and comes up with the android mobile application which can be integrated with any one of the cloud/servers like, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Oracle and TCP/IP for displaying the car parameters (PIDs).

iWave’s Car Tracker Android Application

iWave has developed its own android mobile application called “iWave Car Tracker”, which runs on a smart phone to accumulate the data acquired over the cloud from iWave’s OBD II device to make it smart and always connected and displays all the parameters at finger-tips.

iWave’s Car Tracker Android application displays following parameters:

  • Add Car: User can register his car with the application to get all the car data.
  • Live location tracking (Map): to display current location of the car pointed by marker, along with the path traversed, on Google maps.
  • Driver’s Behaviour : Monitoring & displaying the driver behaviours such as rash driving, harsh break, acceleration, ignition On/Off, Cornering, Fatigue driving, Collision, Over speed, RPM and DTC
  • Fuel Status : This will display Fuel usage, Average distance travelled and Average speed of the Car
  • Trip history: iWave’s Car tracker app tracks and displays the consolidated trip details (Distance, Average speed, Travel time) from Source location to Destination location

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