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iWave Systems Technologies set the example of the rich expertise in the Indian companies in the areas of hardware board design, FPGA cores and software by bagging the project for the Japanese Air Traffic Control. It is a mission critical application and involved the development of a legacy multibus platform using 64bit processor and x86 SOC (FPGA) and the complete platform software. It is one of the most Complex Design completed with no cuts or straps in the first prototype itself

The board design included an 8 layer PCB with the TX4938 Processor from Toshiba, x86 FPGA core from iWave and separate SRAM & FROM Interface to x86 core. There were two FPGAs and a CPLD. Xilinx Spartan III FPGA for X86 SOC logic, Xilinx Spartan-3E FPGA for Multibus & DPRAM control logic and Altera CPLD for address decoding and various peripheral control signal generation. iWave ported customer proprietary iTRON onto TX4938 and developed the iTRON drivers, PCI Stack & Common memory driver.

iWave has a bundle of well tested and proven FPGA IP cores, which include Processor & peripheral cores, video/multimedia cores and storage cores.

    The Processor Cores includes 8086/80186/80188/V53 and Peripheral Cores includes Multi Protocol SCC (8251, 8530), DMA Controller (8237), Timer (8254), Interrupt Controller (8259), I2C, SPI, Parallel port, Key pad

    The storage cores consists of the Host controllers - SDXC Host, IDE Host (ATA / ATAPI-5), SD/SDIO/MMC/CE-ATA Host, NAND Flash (MLC) and the Slave Controller – SDIO Slave

    The Video/Multimedia cores consists of Video Processing cores – De-interlacer, Chroma Resampler, Color Space conversion, Image scaling, Alpha Blender and Video Interface Cores - LCD Interface, Camera Interface, Encoder & Decoder Interface, Scatter Gather DMA Controll

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About iWave Systems:
iWave Systems Technologies is an embedded Hardware and Software Turnkey Design Services company, focused on providing integrated solutions for developing innovative products and systems in the areas of Communication, Multimedia, Consumer electronics , Industrial and Automotive. With its 10 year expertise combined with its current 130 strong team, iWave is poised to become an Independent design house for the high tech Electronic Systems. iWave is a Windows Embedded Silver partner and an award winner of the Partner Excellence Award 2009.