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Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct Solution on sd8787 module

iWave has wide Wi-Fi expertise of porting WLAN driver on various hardware platform with Linux and Android operating systems. Besides the driver porting, iWave also developed NDIS6.2 miniport driver for Windows 7. This vast experience and skills set helps the OEM customers in bringing innovative products and services based on Wi-Fi technology.

iWave provides seamless, cost-effective, sd8787 WLAN driver support with WPA-TKIP/WPA2 security for different operating systems. The sd8787 Wi-Fi driver porting was done on following Freescale’s processor platforms:

Hardware Platform

Operating system


Linux 2.6.35


Linux 2.6.35


Linux 3.0.35, Android 4.0.4

Different interface mode supported on sd8787 Wi-Fi driver:

iWave supports the following various interface modes in the sd8787 Wi-Fi driver

  1. mlan0 interface:

mlan0 interface provides the legacy Wi-Ficlientconfiguration . The device supported with this interface can be connected to any access point for communication.

The mlan0 interface is validated on Freescale’s imx51,imx53 and imx6 based hardware platforms with Linux and Android OS.

iWave systems has achieved the following throughput for Wi-Fi client(mlan0 interface):

Channel Bandwidth CBW 20:








Channel Bandwidth CBW 40:








         2. uap0 interface:

uap0 interface provides Soft Access point configuration. This interface is validated on Freescale’s imx51, imx53 and imx6 based hardware platforms with Linux and Android OS.

iWave systems has successfully provided product solutions based on sd8787 Soft AP for different industrial andmedical OEM’s. The solution offers wireless video streaming to client devices based on Soft AP configuration.

The following example shows how a client device such as iPads/Smartphones can be connected to theSoftAP to receive the video data in real time.

Figure 1: Wireless Video Streaming Solution throughSoftAP


iWave systems has achieved a frame rate of 25-30 fps and keeping propagation delay less than 500ms while streaming via uap0interface.

          3.  wfd0 interface:

This wfd0 interface provides Wi-Fi Direct configuration. Thisinterface features P2P Device Discovery, Provisioning and Group Owner Negotiation, Wi-Fi Protected Set up etc.iWave systems has also tested the Autonomous Group Owner feature of wfd0 interface.

Wi-Fi Direct feature is currently validatedwith Linux Kernel 2.6.35 and 3.0.15 onFreescale’s i.MX53 and i.MX6 platforms.The following architecture diagram shows Wi-Fi direct stack provided by iWave for sd8787 module driver

Figure 2: Wifi Direct


NDIS6.2 Wi-Fi driver


iWave systems has developed NDIS 6.2 Miniport driver for a SDIO 4-bit interfaced module based on a specific requirement. The driver development was done for Windows 7.

Driver is complaint to the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n specification and supports the extensible station operation mode with WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA2-AES security mechanisms.

The driver supports data transfer rate up to 65Mbpsand succeeded in incurring reliable capacity, throughput, reliable coverage and roaming feature.The following diagram shows the iWave’s work on NDIS6.2 stack

Figure 4: NDIS Driver developed for Windows 7

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