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Multiple Video Streaming Application on i.MX6 pico-ITX SBC

As i.MX6 empowers the Surveillance applications, iWave has developed a multiple-video-streaming-application-imx6system that brings together video streams from four cameras on four i.MX6 Pico ITX SBCs placed in four different locations through Ethernet. The fifth Pico ITX captures the video streams from the Ethernet and displays on a single HDMI monitor as indicated in the following block diagram.

The system requires five i.MX6 Dual Pico-ITX boards connected with LAN. Each of four boards are connected with cameras which capture the video, encode and streams it as RTP packets.  The fifth board receives four streams of RTP packets and displays to four slots in HDMI. Operating system used is Yocto of Dora Version. MIPI or CSI cameras can be used for the video capture (tested with 5MP MIPI camera). All the four cameras share the screen equally and the display resolution of each camera is 854x480.



For ease of demonstration we have used one Pico-ITX per camera, however for real life scenario and to keep down costs there is a possiblity that each i.MX6 Pico-ITX SBC can be connected to two cameras. Each pico-itx with i.MX6 quad/dual core can capture video from two cameras simultaneously. The same streaming procedure needs to be followed for this scenario too with it appropriate IP and Port number.

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Benuvel Victor
Member Technical (Software)
iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd