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iWave launches Add-On Modules for ULK to help students to develop innovative projects

iWave systems Unified Learning kit, ULK is an ardent facilitator for aiding engineers gain hand-on, learn and understand complex and advance technologies simply. Besides, ULK also concentrates on making students and freshmen industry ready as it gives them the experience of working in real time. Eventually, ULK embraces modern technologies to bridge the gap between academia and industry. ULK increases individual technical learning and motivates students to build and integrate technologies those are in align with latest industry expectations.

Add-On Modules for Unified Learning Kit

Now, iWave launches different Add-On Modules for Unified Learning Kit to help students to develop innovative projects to meet the latest industry expectations. This article gives a brief about various latest Add-On Modules supported with ULK. 

Photo Frame Interface Board

ULK by default comes with 3.5 inch Graphics LCD with touch interface. ULK has the option to connect external bigger LCD’s through Photo Frame add on board. This add-on supports 7” Graphics LCD + Touch panel for photo frame or HMI applications. Images stored in SD Card / USB Memory stick can be displayed in external 7” Graphics LCD. This can also be used as an alternative to on-board 3.5” LCD display. 

GSM/GPRS Add-On Board

This Add-on board can be used as a GSM or GPRS interface for ULK. GSM/ GPRS Add-On Board consist of a GSM module and a SIM slot. One can access the GSM network and also get connectivity through GPRS using this Add-On Board. Since GSM/ GPRS Add-On Board gives access wide GSM/GPRS network, several innovative projects can be implemented using this add-on Board. The projects may include applications involving webserver, internet connectivity, transfer of messages, commands over GSM network etc. 

Camera Add-on Board

This Add-on board is used as an external camera Interface to the ULK. Camera Add on Board consists of a camera module and required interfaces to connect with ULK. The camera interface subsystem is used for imaging and video capture applications. This add-on board allows image capture, image processing, and video processing based applications and concepts development. 

Bluetooth Interface Board

This Add-on board is used to provide Bluetooth Interface Support to the ULK. Bluetooth Interface Board consists of a Bluetooth module and required interfaces to connect with ULK. Since the Bluetooth is very popular communication device, several innovative projects can be developed using this Add-On module. 

All the above discussed Add-ons boards can be directly plugged with the ULK and students can use these Add-ons to come up with new concepts and innovative products. Students can also avail the different options in each Add-Ons which are not mentioned in this article.

Amith K Bhat- Member Technical - Hardware
iWave Systems Technologies