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iWave’s TI DM8168 SOM (ARM Cortex A8 + DSP) for Defog Imaging Systems

iWave’s DM8168 Qseven SOM (ARM Cortex A8 + DSP) is a solution suited for image processing applications. ti-dm8168-module-boardOne of the possible applications could be Embedded Video Defog System. The system could use a image processing algorithm for automatic mitigation of airlight noise (defogging) in a new in-line image processing system and ensure optimum video quality under adverse visibility conditions by enhancing the image properties in real time.

DM8168 Qseven module is capable of implementation of image enhancement system that provides automatic and unobtrusive enhancement of colour video streams (including high-definition) with negligible latency and distortion.

Implementation of such algorithm could be based around the DM8168 DSP from Texas Instruments. This device contains several processors including a high-performance ARM and a C674x floating point processor. The real-time video processing can be implemented using the TI Davinci framework on the ARM processor and DM8168 firmware/hardware. The hardware required is the DSP itself, DDR3 RAM and some minor support chips (for clock etc.). The output video can be coded on-chip if required for transmission via TCP/IP or UDP.

Highlights of Embedded Video Defog System could involve:defog-system-dm8168

  • Real-time image enhancement at HD resolution
  • New embedded processor for UAV applications
  • State-of-the-art ClearVue auto-defog algorithm
  • 60 frames per second with low latency
  • 5W Power consumption


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