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  • Even though there were lots of issues in the testing environment, iWave was able to sort out the same and finish the testing according to the schedule. We really appreciate the skills of iWave team. Thanks a lot for the support. Once again, thank you all for meeting the expectations and really appreciate your support.

    USA based client

  • I would like to thank you again for everything you did in order to bring this project to success. It was a lengthy, not simple and sometimes exhausting journey. I believe that while results, of course, matter, but the way we did things, the way we fight to overcome problems – also matters. I hope to work with you guys in the future!

    VP, R&D, Israel

  • We greatly appreciate the timely manner in which iWave undertook projects from us and returned quality output.iWave have been very helpful in times of cricis. iWave's dedication to perfection has been a great motivation to us. We are very much happy to use iWave's modules, products, services for our future requirement also.

    Manager IT, India

  • We are happy to use the iWave module and contended by its service rendered. We also appreciate the support extended by iWave for realizing the end product.

    Managing Director, Germany

  • We appreciate and thank so much for iWave's proactive manner on proposal and modification of the specification while proceeding the development. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

    India based client

  • It has been an exciting few months, and they have employed great amout of advancex technology in our product. iWave has been excellent in managing the team and solving issues along the way.

    Europe based client

  • Thanks so much for your engagement on the project. Your professionalism was truly appreciated.

    Switzerland based client

  • Technical support for various queries and request during the bugfixing process was excellent.

    Elect. Design Engineer Sr, India

  • My expereince with iWave so far is excellent. Engineers are highly committed so is the management.

    GM Products, India

  • iWave’s Tech Support has been excellent.

    Senior Electrical Engineer, USA

  • Thanks for all your efforts which helped the team successfully complete the Computex milestone. Your hard work, commitment to deliver and attitude to work with deep sense of urgency is highly appreciated. Thanks for all the contributions and also for being there to help others in team.

    USA based client