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SODIMM Heat Spreader



The 67.5mmx30mm sized Heat Spreaders for iWave’s SODIMM (i.MX8M Mini/Nano, Zynq 7000, RZ/G1E, i.MX6) are made up of Aluminium material and uses silicone elastomer as thermal gap pad between the CPU and the heat spreader. The heat spreader is light weight and rugged which can be easily attached with the iWave’s Qseven system on modules.

iWave SODIMM Heat Spreader

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  • iWave SODIMM Heat Spreader
SODIMM SOMs Heatspreader 
SODIMM SOMs Heatspreader Product Features Part Numbers
i.MX 6DL/S (Non-Lidded CPU) SODIMM SOM heatspreader iW-HSPALU-CLASLR-SS01
i.MX 6Q/D (Lidded CPU) SODIMM SOM heatspreader iW-HSPALU-CLASLR-SS02
Zynq 7000 SODIMM SOM heatspreader iW-HSPALU-CLASLR-SS03
i.MX 8M Mini/Nano SODIMM SOM Heatspreader iW-HSPALU-CLASLR-SS06

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