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SENSORs support iWave Rainbow G15D Kit

The new improved iWave’s i.MX6 Qseven Development Kit RainBoW-G15D supports the following several sensors:

  • 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Digital e-Compass
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Altimeter/Barometer

These sensors interfaced with the i.MX6 processor using I2c interface for internal communication and data transfer and also possess INT (interrupt) signal to interrupt the processor about the data.

The following block diagram shows the several sensors connected to the i.MX6 CPU over I2C interface.

i.MX6 Board Sensors

3-Axis Accelerometer:

This Accelerometer sensor is used for

  • Static orientation detection (Portrait/Landscape, Up/Down, Left/Right, Back/Front position identification)
  • Motion detection for power saving (Auto-SLEEP and Auto-WAKE).
  • Shock and vibration monitoring

Digital e-Compass:

The digital e-compass sensor is used for measuring magnetic fields with an output date rates up to 80Hz (ODR). It acts as electronic Compass with accurate heading information. Location Based Services. Ambient Light Sensor: The ambient light sensor is used for measuring the light rays, it uses the photo detectors to convert the light energy into electrical energy.


This sensor is used for Measuring the pressure/altitude and temperature, it uses ADC to convert physical parameter into electrical. The Rainbow G15D development kit supports the Linux 3.0.35 BSPs for this various sensors

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