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iWave's Qseven Module Enables the Router Solutions

iWave Systems, one of the early adopters of i.MX6 technology has designed i.MX6 based network switch /  router solution. The task involved the design and development of  a custom carrier card for our i.MX6 Qseven Module, the carrier card also consists of microcontroller. Together with the i.MX6 Qseven module and carrier card, the solution provides router capabilities.

i.MX6 based Router Solution

i.MX6 based Router Solution


The carrier card was designed by iWave to meet the network Router requirement using iWave’s i.MX6 Qseven SOM. The Wi-Fi modules and GPRS modules (mini PCIe form factor) were interfaced to the PCIe 2.0. With the Gigabit Switch connector, the board supports four RJ45 connectors. Totally, there are six Mini PCIe slots available, accommodating both PCIe and USB signals. Microcontroller, in the carrier card, monitors parameters like voltage levels and power status. It also provides user interface by controlling appropriate LED’s to indicate which mini PCIe module is active.

iWave’s i.MX 6 Qseven SOM is connected to the PIC Microcontroller through I2C. Connection is in such a way that i.MX 6 processor, as a Master and PIC microcontroller, as a Slave. Master and Slave to communicate effectively, iWave has designed a unique customized Communication Protocol in which master (i.MX6) will control the peripherals connected to slave (PIC) through protocol commands. iWave also implemented a software in our Qseven  module that enables the upgrade of the microcontroller firmware.

i.MX6 Qseven SOM based Router

Block Diagram

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Shashikanth A.- Project Leader (Hardware) & Guruprasad K. - Member Technical (Software)
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