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i.MX50 QSB



The i.MX50x QSB is industry’s first low cost development platform based on Freescale’ s i.MX50x processor launched by iWave Systems Technologies Pvt Ltd. The processor is a system-on-chip (SoC) that incorporates high performance 800MHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor Electronic Paper Display(EPD) Controller and numerous connectivity options. The i.MX50x QSB with its integrated features on-chip EPD/LCD Controller, Ethernet ,Dual USB ,Dual SD,USB Device ,VGA, Audio IN/OUT and Serial interfaces,enables developers to quickly prototype their application needs around i.MX50x processor and optimize the development effort and time to market of their products.

i.MX50 QSB

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  • i.MX50 QSB
  • SBC
  • Single Board Computer
  • Freescale Single Board Computer
  • Cost effective, easy-to-use , open source, multipurpose platform
  • Quick application prototype platform
  • Optimizes Product Development Lifecycle
  • Ample memory bandwidth helps processor to enable faster memory connections for optimized system performance
  • EPD allow to create products that deliver ultra low power consumption and extremely long battery life
  • An integrated, enhanced   LCD interface offers  maximum display flexibility
  • i.MX50x ARM Cortex A8 @800MHz
  • Power Management IC (Freescale).
  • 256MB LPDDR2 memory (Expandable), 2GB Micro SD (Expandable), Micro SD slot
  • Standard SD/MMC(8-Bit) slot.
  • USB2.0 Host Type A, Micro USB2.0 device.
  • 10/100 Ethernet-RJ45 Jack
  • Audio Codec-Mic & Headphone Jacks
  • VGA Display port-DB15
  • RS232 debug console-DB9.
  • 3 Axis accelerometer
  • EPDC, LCD, I2C1, UART2, 4 Wire Touch, Keypad (3x3).
  • Supports OS: Linux 2.6.35.
  • eReaders
  • Industrial Kiosk
  • Home/Industrial/Office- Automation
  • Portable Medical Devices
  • Appliance Control applications
iW-G13S-CU01-2L256M-S004G-LCN i.MX50 CPU, 256MB LPDDR2, 4GB SD card with Linux


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