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Power management support for i.MX6 Windows Embedded Compact 7 BSP

Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) BSP by iWave Systems for Freescale’s SABRE SDP/B platform now supports power management. Power management was successfully developed for the i.MX6 multicore platform and tested for the standard suspend and resume functionalities. During sleep the processor enters into dormant mode and consumes the least power. iWave has reduced the sleep mode power consumption with WEC7 BSP to very less level compare to Linux and Android BSPs. i.MX6Q has four CPU cores. The suspend power state not only turns off 3 CPU cores, but also puts the primary CPU on low power mode. On resuming, all 4 cores restart successfully.

Windows Embedded Compact 7’s Multicore support for Power Management

Windows Embedded Compact 7 smartly integrates symmetric processor architecture into its existing kernel through its OEM Adaptation Layer (OAL).
It provides standard OAL SMP functions to turn on/off multicores on a platform.

Power Management Architecture on Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Embedded Compact 7 Power management driver adheres to the MDD (Model Device Driver) and PDD (Platform Device Driver) layer for separation of the generic and platform dependant functionalities. OEM’s also do have the flexibility to customize the in-built power manager by cloning the library. 

Power Management Architecture on Windows Embedded Compact 7


Power Management on Windows Embedded Compact 7 SABRE SDP/B Platform supports following features:

  • Dormant mode for ARM Cortex A9 multicore processor
  • Power management of device drivers
  • Customization of system power state: User Idle, System Idle, Suspend and resume


Power Management for multicore processors can be used in a wide variety of battery operated handheld devices like tablets, video cameras, mobile phones and other entertainment solutions.

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