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OBD II Software: Quectel EC25 Module Supports iWave's OBD II Device

“As a compact, secure and reliable connected car device, our OBD II can track, monitor the driving behavior and car diagnostics remotely from Mobile/PC etc, and Quectel’s EC25 module made these functions possible,” said Zafeer Feroz, Associate Director – Business Development of iWave Systems Technologies, a leading embedded products and services provider in Asia.

 OBDII - On-Board Diagnostic's SystemOBD is the abbreviation of the On-board Diagnostics which is an automotive system to allow the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems. Based on Quectel EC25, iWave OBD II can be targeted in the markets such as fleet management, vehicle insurance vendors, cab aggregators, asset tracker, connected car and two-wheeler users.

OBD II Specification:

  • OBD II Device is powered with built-in security enabled powerful ARM Cortex A7 processor 
  • Device is supported with Wi-Fi Hotspot feature for browsing
  • Dedicated team for technical support
  • One stop destination for complete solution (Hardware, Software, Mechanical and Certifications)
  • Different Cloud support based on customer preference (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Bluemix, Oracle, TCP/IP)
  • Competing with the popular design houses worldwide and winning their customers on merit and value.

OBD II Connector and What is it used for?

On-Board Diagnostics / OBD II makes reference to any vehicle's capacity to enlist and report issues that may happen, or have happened inside the system. One of its qualities is it can identify issues well before the driver can see any side-effects, for example, low-execution, low-mileage, and substantial emissions, or before the Check Engine or Malfunction light goes ahead. OBD-II is intensely utilized by proficient mechanics, yet there are products that are consumers oriented who can take complete advantage of OBD II’s diagnostic abilities.