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July 18

Quectel EC25 Module Supports iWave's OBD II Device

Based on Quectel EC25, iWave OBD II can be targeted in the market...

March 18

iWave OBD II - Connected Car/Vehicle Solution

iWave's OBD II device is one of the best connected car solutions available..

December 17

iWave offers SATA 3.0 Host Controller

iWaves’s SATA 3.0 Host Controller is available for integration into..


December 17

CREST December' 17

iWave Presents Renesas RZ/G1C based SBC..

September 17

CREST September' 17

iWave Presents Snapdragon 820 SMARC Module..

January 17

CREST January' 17

iWave is pleased to announce Renesas’ RZ/G1H SOM..

Press Releases

February 18

Industrial HMI Solutions: Scalable, Performance and Application oriented

iWave offers wide range of HMI solutions that are visually appealing with a multitude of configuration options in terms of CPU capacities, memory, display sizes & resolution, connectivity, OS software/GUI Features/communication protocol..

November 17

iWave announces collaboration with TouchGFX

As an authorised TouchGFX Implementer, iWave will provide services such as GUI Application Development based on TouchGFX framework, Porting of TouchGFX framework Solutions to Target Hardware, Embedded Software and Hardware Development..

April 17

Made-in-India Connected Car solution from iWave

A new class of devices are being developed that capture your cars computer sensor data using your vehicles on-board diagnostic port (OBD II) is available on cars built in the last few years in India and on international brands..


July 16

iWave offers SODIMM System on Module based on NXP i.MX 6

iWave Systems launched another cost-effective SODIMM which runs Linux..

June 16

iWave rolls out new SOMs based on NXP i.MX 6QuadPlus and i.MX 6DualPlus

iWave Systems launched two additional SOMs based on NXP i.MX 6QuadPlus..

February 16

Single Board Computer - i.MX6 Pico-ITX SBC

Single Board Computer (SBC) is a complete computer built on a single..