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Kickstart your new design with i.MX 6UltraLite SOM

iWave is proud to launch the world’s first i.MX6UL CPU based SODIMM System On Module (SOM) and development kit which is the latest addition to its growing family of i.MX based SOM road map.

The i.MX6 ultralite SOM is designed for cost and space constrained applications where power consumption, small form factor and security features are very critical. This Imx6ul embedded board solution is equipped with 256MB of DDR3 RAM, which is expandable up to 1GB. 256MB of NAND flash is supported on the SOM which is also expandable higher memory configuration. This SOM is integrated with on-board PF3001 PMIC and dual Ethernet PHYs. All the IO peripheral interfaces supported by imx6 ultra lite CPU is available through 200 pin SODIMM edge connector.i.MX6UL SOM SODIMM System On Module

For quick prototyping and time to market, iWave launched cost effective i.MX6UL development board which includes Imx6ul CPU based SOM, carrier board and the 4.3” resistive touch display kit. This development board supports two USB ports, Micro SD, RGB display, camera port, audio In/Out, two CAN ports, UARTs, PWM interface, I2C, GPIOs and debug console etc. The i.MX6UL Development board is available for ordering now with Linux BSP.

i.MX6UL processor is the latest addition in the growing i.mx family processors which is ultra-power efficient intended for various applications including but not limited to electronic POS, Industrial HMI, Access Control, Mobile POS, IOT Gateway, Wearable devices, secure e-commerce, Energy management, Industrial Control & Automation, Medical & Healthcare devices, White goods & Smart appliances.

You can kick start your new product design with this Industry latest i.MX6UL SOM now by ordering the i.MX6UL development board.