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Multimedia & Graphic capabilities on iWave’s RZ/G1M/G1N, RZ/G1E Platforms

iWave has successfully tested the various multimedia and 3D graphics features on its various RZ/G1x kits under the Linux 3.10.31 kernel with Wayland Filesystem.

  • renesas-rz-g1-qseven-development-board-iwaveHD Video playback: Max throughput is up to 60FPS Full HD H264 stream with the help of built-in hardware H264 decoder.
  • Camera preview: Record stream from camera and display it on screen real time.
  • Encoded data review: Replay stream encoded by high performance built-in H264 encoder after recording from camera.
  • Streaming: Stream a video from local storage from to another device via Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.
  • 3D Graphics benchmark: Benchmark 3D graphics performance of efficient built-in GPU, PowerVR SGX544MP2 (RZ/G1M/G1N) or SGX540 (RZ/G1E).

HD Video playback
Video files with H264 codec with resolution up to 1920x1080 –60fps can be played back. G-Streamer based application displays video up to Full HD with 60fps. Multi-stream can also be played simultaneously on 2 monitors.

renesas-rz-g1e-sodimm-development-board-iwaveCamera preview and recorded data replay
This demo displays the live stream from camera and also record the live stream to local file which can be re-played back when needed. Capturing video from camera can be rapidly encoded by high performance hardware encoder of RZ/G1M or RZ/G1E before being written to local file.

Video Streaming via Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection
Local video file with specification up to [email protected] 30fps can be streamed to another device via Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection.

3D Graphics demo
This demo includes 3D graphics benchmark with OpenGL|ES 2.0 demonstration. Video decoding and 3D graphics processing can also be run simultaneously.

iWave Systems being Renesas RZ/G Series Partner offers the following RZ/G1E and RZ/G1M based Kits:

Industrial Linux with 10-year support

For further information or enquiries please write to [email protected] or contact our Regional Partners.