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iWave is proud to be one of the major players in the events


  1. iWave played a prominent role in making the visitors’ time significant at “ARM’s Partner Pavilion” held in India dated 5 Nov 2012. iWave won the Best Booth Award at ARM Technology Symposium for exhibiting the most innovative ARM based products.
  2. At “FTF India 2012” conducted by Freescale in Bangalore, India on 23-24, iWave earned excellence appreciation by the global Freescale team and other visitors.
  3. iWave made an impact on the visitors at “ET Japan Conference and Exhibition” which took place in Yokohama, Japan. People were pleased by looking at our innovative products.
  4. Visitors were delighted by iWave’s excellence at “FTF Japan”. People were impressed by iWave for its innovation in the field of Embedded Systems.
  5. iWave energized the environment at “DWF Singapore” by its unique latest solutions. People showed a lot of interest in iWave Products & were thrilled.
  6. iWave was one of the most eminent participants at “Electronica India” 2012 in Bangalore from 11th to 13th of September. We exhibited our innovative solutions as a part of Freescale booth. Visitors showed a lot of interest.
  7. People got inspired by iWave at “Electronica Germany” which took place in Nov 13-16, Munich, Germany. iWave demonstrated its products as a part of Freescale booth.

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