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Complex PCB Layout Design Expertise


iWave has great competency in its PCB design capabilities. Our expertise in layout design is acquired from handling highly complex PCB designs using cutting edge technologies spread across major Industry sectors like Military, Telecom, Medical, Automotive, Industrial and consumer electronics. iWave uses Cadence Allegro /Orcad PCB design software for PCB design.

Design Capabilities

  • Rules Driven Design (Constraint/Layout guidelines)
  • Innovative Design methods for Fine pitch packages
  • CAD library creation , verification & Maintenance
  • Design for Manufacture/Assembly/Test
  • Complex layout design up to 20Layer Stack
  • Fine Pitch Micro BGA Designs (Handled up to 0.4mm pitch 1249-pin FCBGA package)
  • HDI design using Micro/Blind & buried Via’s
  • Successful Layout design for high speed interfaces (PCIe2.0, SERDES, USB3.0, DDR3 etc.)
  • Analog/RF/Mixed Signal designs [GPS/ Wi-Fi modules]
  • Layout design expertise for latest QDR-IV devices

About Design

iWave has successfully designed around 100+ complex layout designs by meeting the design constraints and signal integrity. Our designs are focused on “Meeting the schedule & making first time right design”. Below examples briefly explains about few layout design done in iWave.

a) Compact HDI  Intel Atom based layout design

Figure1: Internal layer routing density & Assembled Board

This Design is based on Intel Atom Z5xx Processor & the PCB form factor is as per the Q7-standard. 800 parts are placed in 60X60mm area (excluding edge connector & Thermal plate space), which include Fine pitch BGA’s, expansion connectors & other major devices as shown in figure.1. Key Differentiating factor about this design

  • 11 Fine pitch BGA’s used in the design out which 2 BGAs are 0.4mm pitch 1000+ pin package
  • 8 DDR2  BGA devices placed  back to back with flyby routing topology
  • HDI Type-II (Micro/buried Via) Technology used for the design
  • 3.2/3.2mil Trace  width / Spacing followed
  • Signal  Routing Completed in Just 12 layer stack( 6Signal+6Planes)

b) Network Processor  based  Density layout design

Figure.2: Complex Layout design example

This design is based typical Network processor with high speed interfaces routings like SERDES, Gigabit Ethernet, SDH/SONET, SFP transceiver Etc...

Below points are about challenging tasks on this layout:

  • 30%  signals are high speed signals (above 3Ghz)
  • 14Layer stack up used the layout & all high speed signals are routed in a signal layer which is ground shielded by plane on both sides
  • 21 Fine pitch BGA devices are used in the design, which includes high pin count Processor, multiple FPGAs, DDR3/DDR2 Memory devices.
  • Component density : 3000+ parts
  • Mixed Signal design (Analog/Digital)

c)    RF layout Expertise


Figure.4 RF module layout design

iWave has done many layout designs for RF modules development. Figue.4  shows the layout sketch of iWave’s own GPS & SDIP WLAN modules.

iWave is continually  working on improving  layout  efficiency & decreasing the hardware design cycle  by  deploying  innovative layout Strategies  and techniques. If you need any complex PCB layout design services please contact iWave thorough mktg@iwavesystems.com

Girish Kumar Senior Engineer [CAD]

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