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iWave Exploring XILINX Vivado

iWave has always matched the pace with the fast changing technology. With the new launch of Xilinx’s Vivado high level design suite tools and the roll-out of 7 Series devices (Virtex 7 and Kintex 7), a new marketing message will be driven that repositions Xilinx products: as mainstream system design platforms and tools, applicable to any problem. By visualizing the greater opportunity to contribute to the FPGA world, iWave enabled itself for this new technology. With involvement in this new technology based development tools, iWave seeks to touch the high towers in the FPGA field and ready to face the challenges to make the world simpler for its customers.

Engineers face several implementation bottlenecks including hierarchical chip planning and partitioning; multi-domain and multi-die physical optimization, multi-variant ‘design’ vs. ‘timing’ closure late ECOs and the rippling effects of design changes. The new Vivado Design Suite addresses these bottlenecks and empowers users to take the full advantage of the system integration capabilities of its All Programmable Devices. No longer are FPGAs just for glue, low volume ASIC prototyping, routers, base stations, or custom accelerators. No longer are they relegated to the data plane, subordinate to some other embedded processor SoC. Rather with arrival of Zync, start to think of Xilinx based product line as fast time-to-market platforms and tools for developing and shipping complete integrated systems, including volume consumer & industrial electronics devices. Expect to see a much greater emphasis on high level software assets — pre ported OSs (Linux, Android …), applications frameworks (TV, automotive, medical), and targeted design platforms and kits, and more product love for FPGA/embedded systems designers and software developers.

Angad Shah - Member Technical (FPGA)
iWave Systems Technologies