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iWave- Product Buying Guide

iWave is a product engineering services company head quartered in Bangalore, operating over 15 years in the embedded market. iWave is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and pursues on the path of continual quality improvement. Moving strength to strength, iWave has emerged as a distinguished embedded product design house that renders its expertise in the automotive, medical and industrial domain.

This article highlights iWave’s offerings and act as a guide in selecting the right solution for you. Below you can find a bird’s eye view of an array of iWave’s offerings:


iWave’s products comprise of System on Modules, Single Board Computers, Development Platforms and Educational Platforms. The System on Modules are available in standard Qseven and proprietary form factors such as the MXM. iWave has  been one of the few companies to pioneer solutions on the Qseven form factor. Unlike our competitors, iWave provides customized Board Support Packages (BSP’s) for Linux, Android and Windows Embedded Compact 7(WEC7) platforms, which are developed in-house. This enables iWave to support its clients with the BSP’s for various OS platforms in unison with the hardware. The figure displays iWave’s different solutions (System on Module and Single Board Computer) roadmap.


In addition to proving its competency in System on Module, iWave offers comprehensive design services which include the following:

Board Design Services:

iWave offer solutions based in Embedded Controllers / DSP Board Development that includes Multilayer PCB Cadding and related Signal integrity and other required analysis.

FPGA Design Services:

iWave offers comprehensive design solutions in areas of FPGA and HDL. Our FPGA services include Design/Development, Testing/Verification, Test suite development and RTL coding.

Embedded Software Services:

iWave has the best expertise in developing Board Support Packages, porting RTOS / Embedded kernel onto target Hardware Platforms, Porting from one OS to another and Porting the applications.

Turnkey Design Services:

iWave specializes in providing complete turnkey solutions for system engineering and product development including all hardware and software customized for your application. iWave is focused on providing integrated solutions for developing innovative products and systems.

Engineering Design Services:

iWave offer onsite consulting to meet your specific Onsite Development / Testing / Training / Support needs, with flexible business model. Our team will work very closely along with your team at your facility and understand the requirements.

Wi-Fi Services:

Linux / iTron Wi-Fi Driver Development, Wi-Fi Direct, WLAN Module

iWave Systems is also a  leading FPGA design house with a wide range of FPGA IPs. iWave has catered to multiple customers across the globe by customizing and integrating the IPs, hence reducing the effort, time to market and cost factors. iWave has a bundle of well tested and proven FPGA IP cores, which include Intel 80186 compatible Processor & peripheral cores, bus interfaces cores, video/multimedia cores and storage cores. All the FPGA IP cores provide standard and simple user interface for ease of use.

iWave’s FPGA services include Design/ development, Testing/Verification, Test suite development and RTL coding. We provide turnkey development services in FPGA for High Speed Bus interfaces, protocols and transceivers, Integration of modules, Multi-million gates complex design and concept to specification to the chip to the final board level target hardware.

Here’s a list of iWave’s solutions and typical applications:


Qseven SOM:

The QSeven module utilizes a 230 pin card- edge connector and is predominantly targeted for applications in the industrial and medical segments.




Applications that require more I/O pins can take advantage of the 314-pin MXM edge connector. MXM modules can be used in applications that focus on the automotive segment.



The µMXM module brings all the peripheral interfaces to a 314- pin MXM edge connector. It is suitable for size constrained, critical infrastructure applications such as smart grid or industrial control.




Highly integrated platform and aims at applications such as Intelligent Industrial Control Systems, Industrial Human Machine Interface, Ultra-Portable Devices, Home Energy Management Systems and Portable Medical Devices It adheres to industrial standards and facilitates quick time to market.



FPGA IP cores and Services:

A bundle of well tested and proven FPGA IP cores, which include Intel 80186 compatible processor & peripheral cores, bus interfaces cores, video/multimedia cores and storage cores. All the FPGA IP cores provide standard and simple user interface for ease of use. Customization and integration of IPs reduce client’s effort, time to market and cost.

Board Support Package:

Aids in building next generation embedded devices with attractive, intuitive user interfaces, real browsing using Inwindows-embedded-silver-partnerternet Explorer, with Flash 10.1, and connections to peripherals, Windows PCs, servers, and networks. Targeted at applications with increased flexibility and greater multimedia such as In Vehicle Infotainment, Telematics, Interactive Point of Sale systems, Industrial Human Machine Interface.

Based on the application requirements, one can choose from iWaves’s many solutions. iWave enjoys appreciation from its clients spread across the globe and support from its dependable technology partners. iWave will and shall continue to deliver expertise and unfailing support in building and facilitating world class nextgen intelligent applications.


For further information or enquiries please write to mktg@iwavesystems.com or contact our Regional Partners.


 Ashwin Athani - Associate Director
iWave Systems Technologies