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iWave announces collaboration with TouchGFX

Bangalore, India - November 14, 2017: iWave Systems Technologies, a leading global embedded products and services company, is proud to announce its collaboration with Draupner Graphics, the company behind TouchGFX. The companies collaborate to deliver high-end GUI solutions on low-cost hardware to the clients.

As an authorised TouchGFX Implementer, iWave will provide services such as GUI Application Development based on TouchGFX framework, Porting of TouchGFX framework Solutions to Target Hardware, Embedded Software and Hardware Development.

“We’re excited to partner with TouchGFX as we focus our combined energies to serve the clients by implementing reliable, intuitive and innovative high-end GUI solutions to enable them to achieve quick time to market and minimize development risks.” - says Abdullah Khan, President, iWave Systems Technologies, India.

“We are very pleased to include iWave in our global network of TouchGFX Implementers. Through successful customer projects as well as development kits, iWave have already proven their high level of capabilities within GUI development based on TouchGFX. We look forward to increase the collaboration with iWave offering joint UI development solutions to the global market." - says Michael Heegaard, CEO Draupner Graphics A/S – www.touchgfx.com

The collaboration of the two companies brings new opportunities to embedded developers for building GUI solutions for various end applications.

About iWave Systems:

iWave Systems Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company established in the year 1999, headquartered in Bangalore, India. iWave focuses on standard and customised System on Module/SBC product development in Industrial, Medical, Automotive & Embedded Computing application domains. iWave Systems also provides comprehensive Engineering design services involving Embedded Hardware, FPGA and Software development. Our software expertise ranges from GUI, OS Porting, Firmware & Device Drivers Development and Wireless & Protocol Stacks to Embedded Application Development. Our services portfolio comprises Turnkey Design, Test and Prototype (NPI) & ODM and Onsite resourcing support.