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iWave Announces New Altera Cyclone V Soc Based SOM Design

Targeting at the wide range of automation and process control applications like Programmable logic controllers (PLCs), I/O modules, Machine vision and surveillance, iWave is going to enter into developing the hardware and software solution around the Altera’s cost effective programmable FPGA+ARM Cortes A9 solution Cyclone V SX series SOC. The SOM will be powered with 512MB DDR3 for ARM9 core, 512MB DDR3 for FPGA, NAND Flash and Micro SD slot.

The Altera SoCs integrate an ARM-based hard processor system consisting of processors, peripherals, and memory interfaces with the FPGA fabric using a high-bandwidth interconnect backbone. The Cyclone V SoCs reduce system power, system cost, and board size while increasing the system performance by integrating discrete processor, FPGA, and digital signal processing (DSP) functions into a single user customizable ARM-based system on a chip (SoC). Altera SoCs provide the ultimate combination of hardened intellectual property (IP) for performance and power savings with the flexibility of programmable logic.

Besides the powerful SoC, the SOM will be compatible with latest Qseven specification version R2.0 with the  support to all the major high speed interfaces like SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, LVDS, multiple USB 2.0 host ports etc… To make use of FPGA’s high speed serial IOs and standard IO pins, the SOM will have the HSMC connector expansion. This HSMC Altera’s HSMC pin-out and will enable to use existing HSMC expansion boards available in the market.

The SOM will be supported with Linux BSPs enabling quick time to market for the devices which will require the Cortex A9 power with programmable logic. The SOM will address the ever increasing industrial networking & control applications demands at very optimum bill of materials with programmability options.