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iWave announces Green Hills Software INTEGRITY RTOS support on i.MX6 platform iW-RainboW-G15D-Q7

iWave Systems Technologies, a leading global embedded products and services company, is proud to announce its collaboration with Green Hills Software for developing INTEGRITY Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) based platforms. As an initial step, iWave has successfully brought up the world renowned INTEGRITY RTOS in iWave’s i.MX6 iW-RainboW-G15D-Q7 platform.

The INTEGRITY RTOS from Green Hills Software is designed and built around a separation kernel architecture that provides embedded systems with real-time performance, total reliability and absolute security. INTEGRITY is a hard real-time OS that integrates real-time scheduling with priority levels to manage optimized system calls and CPU percentage allocation effectively. It guarantees memory resources and protects memory from exhaustion, damage and unauthorized access. The Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS provides advanced multicore support, including AMP, SMP and mixed configurations. This RTOS has minimal kernel footprint, best-in-class scalability and works perfectly with several high-end graphical suites.


Advantages of iWave collaboration

The iWave i.MX6 – INTEGRITY RTOS platform enables developers to provide solutions that inherently have better security starting from the hardware level. The integration of this RTOS on iWave platform provides flexible design solutions that combine the most reliable operating system with a high-end processor up to ARM Quad core at 1GHz, with quick turnaround time. The INTEGRITY RTOS on compact ITX standard iWave platforms can also provide high-end graphics support, including dedicated 2D/3D with OpenGL support.

“We are pleased to collaborate with Green Hills Software and port INTEGRITY RTOS on our i.MX6 development platform. The i.MX6 based INTEGRITY solution, with its advanced feature set, will really aid clients in enabling safety with the flexible design and quick time-to-market- says Abdullah Khan, President, iWave Systems Technologies, India.

Chris Tubbs, EMEA Business Development Director, Green Hills Software added: “We are very pleased to be supporting the iWave i.MX6 Development platform and look forward to collaborating further on other platforms in their portfolio. The combination of the INTEGRITY RTOS, with a reputation for use in safety- and security-critical applications, and the iW-RainboW-G15D-Q7 provides customers with a powerful platform on which to base next-generation applications.”

The collaboration of the two companies brings new opportunities to embedded developers for building solutions for various verticals such as Industrial, Medical, Automotive and IoT.

Please visit www.iwavesystems.com for the latest updates on iWave-INTEGRITY platform.

Please visit www.GHS.com for information on the INTEGRITY RTOS and MULTI IDE.

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