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In-Vehicle Infotainment using iWave’s RainboW-G15M-MXM

In-Vehicle Infotainment is a term that defines the entertainment and informative applications that are made available in automobiles. IVI allows display screens in cars and hence, the driver, access to maps, media players, electronic dashboards, engine diagnostics, internet and social networking, and integration with handheld devices.

iWave’s RainboW-G15M-MXM (i.MX6 MXM System On Module) CPU module based on Freescale’s i.MX6 Series processor designed mainly targeting the automotive infotainment application.

i.MX6 MXM Board

 Highlights of RainboW-G15M-MXM:

  • ARM Cortex A9 @ 1GHz Dual/Quad core
  • Four simultaneous display support
  • Integrated high bandwidth connectivity  peripherals
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • OS SupportLinux,  Windows Embedded Compact 7* and
  • Android 4.0 

Following are some of the salient features supported with the module for the modern IVI solutions.

Fast Boot-up: The boot-up time can be a major decision maker when it comes to IVI. As per safety is concerned, an almost-zero delay is preferred when it comes to Automotive applications.

RainboW-G15M-MXM module is supported with Linux 3.0.35 which supports board boot time with 2s.   

Efficient CPU Usage: Instrument Clusters should be able to acquire information from the various sensors on the automobile and render the data immediately on the display without any delay. Multi-threaded applications require an advanced CPU with multi-core architecture that can handle IVI applications efficiently. RainboW-G15M-MXM module comes with advanced 1GHz Cortex A9 Q/D core processor which support multithreaded applications efficiently.

Display Management: Multiple displays in IVI proves to be a better option for displaying information of several types. For example, the front display shows the instrument cluster, while a movie plays on the left-rear display, and music plays on the right-rear display. RainboW-G15M-MXM module supports four simultaneous displays which is the plus point in Automotive Infotainment.

Time to Market: Vehicle manufacturers that have migrated to the use of digital displays can benefit from the technology innovations available in both IVI hardware and software. These solutions facilitate the customization of instrument clusters for various models of cars without causing delays in the designing of customized dashboards. RainboW-G15M-MXM module is readily available with additional development board. So better Time to Market is supported

Re-usability: While developing custom solutions, one should think of reusability of base hardware & software components. Aiming to make all base components reusable reduces cost and time-to-market of new solutions. RainboW-G15M-MXM module is compatible with earlier i.MX53 MXM CPU module & easy migration from i.MX53 series to i.MX6 series is possible.

Hardware Considerations

The following points are important considerations of the hardware requirements for IVI

  • The hardware components that are used inside these systems are expected to be Automotive-grade
  • The lifetime expectancy of these components is also much higher since the IVI systems form an integral part of the vehicle

RainboW-G15M-MXM SOM has following Features which makes it best suited for IVI:

  • Automotive temperature grade: -40°C to +85°C
  • Three channels of audio support with the possibility for multiple high resolution Graphics Display Unit
  • A CAN bus to interface within the vehicle network
  • Media-Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) interface for high speed video/audio signal transfer and Ethernet connectivity.
  • UART, USB connectors for various consumer electronics devices.
  • Low power consumption

i.MX6 MXM Module

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