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i.MX6 SODIMM SOM - i.MX6 Quad and i.MX6 Solo

i.MX6 SODIMM SOM: iWave's i.MX6 based SODIMM Module integrates i.MX6 CPU, RAM, Flash, Ethernet PHY power management into very compact size that can be utilized across multiple embedded PC, system and industrial designs. It has got all the necessary functions that the embedded world demands.


The SOM supports various i.MX6 CPU configurations like solo, dual lite, dual and quad. Both commercial and industrial operating temperature SOMs versions are available. With miniature 67.6mm x 37mm sized SODIMM form factor, the module ships with 512MB DDR3, 4GB eMMC for the Solo CPU version and 1GB DDR3 and 4GB eMMC for other CPU versions.

i.MX6 Quad, Dual, Dual Lite, Solo processors

The i.MX 6 series of applications processors combines scalable platforms with broad levels of integration and power-efficient processing capabilities particularly suited to multimedia applications.

The i.MX6 processor features:

  • Enhanced capabilities of high-tier portable applications by fulfilling MIPS needs of operations systems and games
  • Multilevel memory system
  • Smart speed technology that enables the designer to deliver a feature-rich product, requiring levels of power far lower than industry expectations
  • Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling
  • Powerful graphics acceleration
  • Interface flexibility
  • Integrated power management throughout the device
  • Advanced hardware-enabled security

i.MX6 Ultralite

iWave's i.MX6UL based another SODIMM CPU module integrates power efficient high performance ARM Cortex A7 CPU core operating up to 528MHz speed. The SOM is ultra-compact in size and integrated with on-board PMIC, Flash, DDR3 and dual Ethernet PHY. The SOM is ideally suitable for the cost & power optimized general embedded and industrial applications.