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Single Board Computer based Learning Platforms for Students

Introduction - iWave Systems introduces enhanced educational marvel the versatile and well equipped “Advanced Learning Platform.”

The ALP comprises of i.MX6 Pico ITX SBC and a peripheral daughter card which is meant to enable University students to evaluate several new displays, sensors, communication and I/O interfaces, hence introducing them to a rich and wide world of Embedded Systems which is indeed a unique blend of Academic and Industrial utility. Truly this product is meant to redefine iWave’s slogan “Embedding Intelligence.”

i.MX6 board based Educational Platform

Now, the question arises “Why is there a need of platforms of this kind for graduate students at the academic level?” This platform will ensure sufficient number of educated future engineers capable of designing complex systems and maintaining a leadership in the area of embedded systems, thereby ensuring its strongholds in automotive, avionics, industrial automation, mobile communications, telecoms and medical systems. This platform will also guarantee technological development of the educational approach in the field of embedded systems.

The below section of the article provides a project example which can be carried out using ALP, so as to make the reader aware of the efficiency & capabilities of ALP.

Project title: 'Automated Inspection System'

This project can be carried out by using following features of the ALP.

  • Motor interface
  • Camera interface
  • Image processing capabilities of i.MX6 processor

High level System Block Diagram -

Systems Block Diagram

Project Description – In industries conveyor belts are used as inspection systems, which aims to remove or isolate the defect pieces. When things move on the conveyor belt, Image is taken of each product for inspection. The ALP’s motor interface can be used to drive the conveyor belt. The camera connected to the ALP can capture the images of the products going on the conveyor belt and sends it to the CPU for identifying the defect pieces.

This is one possible project which can be carried out in ALP. In fact there are numerous projects which can be carried out. It can be a weather forecasting system, vibration monitoring system, surveillance system, coordinate locating system, personalized audio system, energy efficient system, touch controlled system, motor control system, lighting system, applications involving displays, current sensing meter, digital time display meter etc. Finally it’s all up to you what you make of the ALP.

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