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i.MX6 Qseven System On Module

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NXP i.MX6 based Qseven compatible SOM module is targeted for faster and multimedia focused applications. The iMX6 SOM module has on-board expandable 1GB DDR3 RAM, 4GB eMMC flash, on-board micro SD slot and SPI flash. With the extreme peripheral integration, the i.MX 6 module supports industry latest high performance interfaces such as, PCIe Gen2, Gigabit Ethernet, SATA 3.0, HDMI 1.4 and SDXC etc.

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i.MX6 Latest Updates

i.MX6 PMIC Qseven System on Module

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  • i.MX6 PMIC Qseven System on Module
  • i.MX6 Qseven SOM
  • Microsoft Azure Certified logo
  • ARM Cortex A9 @1GHz Quad Plus/Dual Plus/Quad/Dual/DualLite/Solo core
  • 64-Bit DDR3-1066 support
  • Open GL ES2.0, Open VG1.1 Graphic accelerators
  • Multi format HD 1080p encode & decode
  • CPU: i.MX6 1GHz/800MHz Cortex A9 QP/DP/Q/D/DL/S

  • PMIC: Freescale PF0100 PMIC
  • RAM:

    • 1GB DDR3 for QP/DP/Q/D/DL SOM (Expandable up to 4GB*)
    • 512MB DDR3 for Solo SOM (Expandable up to 2GB*)

  • Storage:

    • On-Module Micro SD slot
    • 8GB eMMC Flash (Expandable*)
    • 2MB SPI Flash (Expandable*)

  • Qseven Edge Connector Interfaces:

    • PCIe v2.0 x 1 Lane
    • SATA 3.0 x 1 port***
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • HDMI 1.4
    • Dual LVDS
    • USB 2.0 Host x 4 ports
    • USB 2.0 OTG
    • AC97 Audio
    • 8-Bit SD/MMC
    • PWM
    • Debug UART x 1
    • Data UART x 1
    • CAN1
    • SPI,I2C
  • Expansion Connector Interfaces**

    • Camera - CSI x 2 ports (8-bit)
    • 24 Bit RGB LCD IF
    • Dual UART
    • 3x3 Key, Memory Bus
    • MLB
    • I2C3, PWM, GPIO

  • Debug Support: Onboard JTAG Header*

  • Form Factor: 70mmx70mm   Qseven R2.0 Compatible

  • Temperature: -40 to 85°C

  • Power Input:  5V, 1A Typical

  • OS Support:

    • Linux 4.1.15
    • Android 5.0.0 Lollipop
    • Windows Embedded Compact7

  • REACH & RoHS Compliant

* Optional features not supported by default.

** Not populated in mass production SOM

*** Support available only for i.MX6 QP/DP/Q/D SOMs

  • Automotive IVI
  • Video & Navigation
  • Advanced HMI
  • Medical devices
  • Industrial Handheld
  • SOC computing
i.MX6 Qseven Module & kit  
Part Numbers Product Features
i.MX6 Qseven SOM - Commercial Grade  
iW-G15M-Q701-3D512M-E004G-BCC i.MX6 Solo CPU, 512MB DDR3, 4GB eMMC, PMIC 
iW-G15M-Q72L-3D001-E004G-BCC i.MX6 Dual Lite CPU, 1GB DDR3, 4GB eMMC, PMIC 
iW-G15M-Q702-3D001G-E004G-BCC i.MX6 Dual CPU, 1GB DDR3, 4GB eMMC, PMIC 
iW-G15M-Q704-3D001G-E004G-BCC i.MX6 Quad CPU, 1GB DDR3, 4GB eMMC, PMIC 
i.MX6 Qseven SOM - Industrial Grade
iW-G15M-Q701-3D512M-E004G-BIC  i.MX6 Solo CPU, 512MB DDR3, 4GB eMMC, PMIC
iW-G15M-Q72L-3D001G-E004G-BIC  i.MX6 Dual Lite CPU, 1GB DDR3, 4GB eMMC, PMIC
iW-G15M-Q702-3D001G-E008G-BIC i.MX6 Dual CPU, 1GB DDR3, 8GB eMMC, PMIC
iW-G15M-Q704-3D001G-E008G-BIC i.MX6 Quad CPU, 1GB DDR3, 8GB eMMC, PMIC
iW-G15M-Q74P-3D001G-E008G-BIC i.MX6 Quad Plus Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB eMMC
iW-G15M-Q72P-3D001G-E008G-BIC i.MX6 Dual Plus Core CPU, 1GB RAM, 8GB eMMC

 Note: Some of the above listed part numbers will applicable for only MOQ orders. Please contact [email protected] for more details.

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