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Human Machine Interface


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The Human Machine Interface(HMI) which is also called as Man Machine Interface is the brain of any industrial design. HMI is the user space where interaction between machine and human takes place. The goal of HMI is an effective way of controlling the operations of the machine using the feedback from the machine which aids the operator in making operational decisions. HMI can be classified into three types: Batch Interface; Command Line user interface and Graphical user interface. Command line user interface and graphical user interface are currently in common use. There are different types of HMI available in industrial design.

The commonly used HMI types are:HMI

  • Keypad based 
  • Graphical based 
  • Touch screen based

Command line interface incorporates some of the key HMI features. iWave has developed a Graphical Display Unit and Panel PC based on i.MX51 SOM module, built around an ARM cortex A8 based processor working at 600MHz. It offers performance, low power operation and connectivity to meet any industrial design. The iWave GDU can be used in harsh environments for controlling and monitoring power drives or solar inverters at remote locations using GSM/GPRS connectivity. The iWave Panel PC & GDU form a unique solution in the industrial design market, offering features like rugged design, fan-less solutions, smallest form factor, low power operation, Linux & WinCE support and a rich graphical library support.