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HTML5 based Smart Instrument Cluster Application on Windows Embedded Compact 7

HTML5 is paving the way for the development of advanced UI applications for a broader range of embedded devices. With benefits ranging from flexibility in developing rich User-Interfaces to porting across different hardware and OS environments, HTML5 will be the most suitable technology for the development of feature rich web-based applications for Mobile and Automotive systems.

iWave Systems has demonstrated a Smart Instrument Cluster application based on HTML5 on Windows Embedded Compact 7 targeted for Automotive Navigation and driver assistance system. The application provides the features of Digital Speedometer, fuel level indicator, temperature gauge, live rear video display and real time Navigation Map on a canvas supported by a HTML5 browser. The application is demonstrated on custom developed platform based on Freescale’s i.MX6Q Multimedia application processor.

System Overview:

Figure 1: Smart Instrument Cluster Application 


Smart Instrument cluster is HTML5 based application running on Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7) supported on Freescale’s iMx6Q platform. Application is using HTML5 canvas drawing to render the car dashboard view on webpage and DirectDraw to display real time video.

Figure 2: Smart Instrument Cluster Application


  • Application displays speed gauge, temperature gauge and fuel gauge (Car dashboard).
  • Temperature and fuel variation is simulated and varies automatically. Speed will vary on user input.
  • The rear video will be captured from the camera connected to one more board, the transmitter application running on this board encodes the video in H.264 formats and streams over LAN.
  • Receiver application will run on the same platform in which Smart Instrument cluster application is running. Receiver application will receive the H.264 frame using TCP socket interface, decode the received video frame & displays the video on Reverse Button.
  • Microsoft Direct Draw technology will be used to display video over the Instrument cluster webpage.
  • Location button to display the current location on the Google Map is supported, if the platform is connected to public network.
  • Maintenance button to display the car maintenance status like distance covered, tire wear etc. Application also displays the alert on car over-speed and Refill fuel.


Smart Instrument Cluster application provides following benefits:

  • Vehicle status and information can be provided in the HTML5 canvas for the easy driver assistance. Flexible user controls for driver provides less distraction during driving.
  • Cloud based connectivity support can be added for real time weather and traffic updates.
  • HTML5 can also take the advantage of GPU for 2D/3D rendering, if supported in the processor platform.
  • Feature additions or enhancements can be done easily.

Ashfaque Ahamed - Software Engineer
iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.