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GSM Interface Module



The GSM / GPRS interface board supports the communication between CPU board and external devices. The board can be used to send and receive SMS as well as to make and receive calls.The GSM, GPRS board is based on HiLoV2 GSM module. The board has a SIM connector, which is used to connect the SIM with the module and gives access to the network. In the board, 6pin header is provided for the communication with the CPU board. The board has standard DB9 connector to interface with the PC.

GSM Interface Module

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  • GSM Interface Module
  • Form factor of 70mm x 75mm
  • Includes DB9,SIM connector & headers
  • Based on HiLoV2 GSM module
  • FXP14 Hexa-Band Cellular Antenna
  • Inbuilt standard DB9 Connector for PC interface
  • SIM connector for network access
  • Provided with 6pin header for communication with the CPU board
  • Home Security systems
  • Accident awareness system
  • Car Alarm system
  • Monitoring & control of devices
  • Electrical control system for smart home

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