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Latest Updates on Freescale Vybrid

iWave launched Freescale Vybrid Based System On Module (SOM)

iWave Systems Technologies, one of  the leading design services companies in the embedded world, has launched a small form factor µMXM SOM (System on Module) based on Freescale’s Vybrid VF6xx family solution combining ARM Cortex-A5 and Cortex-M4 cores. The SOM supports 256MB DDR3 and, 256MB NAND Flash which can be expandable on need basis. iWave's path breaking design capability has shattered the bottle necks in bringing the SOM module at a size of  85mmx40mm as per iWave’s MXM Specification, µMXM form factor. Read More

 iWave Systems unveils ‘iW-RainboW-G16D’ Vybrid VF6xx/VF5xx uMXM Development Board

iWave Systems expands its product range with the launch of Vybrid VF6xx/VF5xx uMXM Development Board. This iW-RainboW-G16D development board comprises of Vybrid VF6xx/VF5xx SOM ‘iW-RainboW-G16M’ of size 85mmx40mm and the Carrier Card of pico-ITX (100mmx72mm) size. The key features of Vybrid VF6xx include ARM Cortex A5 Core @ 500MHz and ARM Cortex M4 Core @ 167MHz, which often eliminates the need for an external MCU for real time control applications. Read More

 iWave ships the Vybrid development kits with Linux OS

iWave started shipping its latest development Kit based on the Freescale’s Vybrid VF6xx processors. The development kit is equipped with the Vybrid SOM which supports the Vybrid VF6xx CPU, 256MB DDR3, 256MB NAND Flash and the carrier board equipped with several IO features. Read More