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iWave Systems' FPGA IP Core, SDIO to UART Bridge IP

iWave systems, a leading FPGA solution provider offers many storage and interface FPGA IP controllers for the customers in order to speed up their product development and achieve quick time to market. iWave`s SDIO to UART bridge is one among such a solution, which helps its customers to bridge the SDIO interface to the UART

The SDIO slave controller meets SDIO 3.00 specification and supports SDR12, SDR25, SDR50 and SDR104 bus speed modes. 

Features of SDIO to UART Bridge are listed below:

  • Compliant with SD Physical Specification Version 3.00 and SDIO Specification Version 3.00.
  • Supports SPI, 1-bit and 4bit SD modes.
  • Supports SDIO Interrupt feature.
  • UHS-I mode support in SD 4-bit mode: SDR12, SDR25, SDR50 and SDR104 bus speed modes.
  • Supports all mandatory SDIO Commands/Response types
  • SPI Mode : CMD0, CMD5, CMD52, CMD53, CMD59
  • SD Mode: CMD0, CMD3, CMD5, CMD7, CMD52, CMD53.
  • CMD11 support for voltage switching sequence.
  • CRC7 checking/generation for Command/Response
  • CRC16 checking/generation for Data transfer.
  • Data Transfer in Multi Byte and Multi Block mode using CMD53.
  • Supports UART16550 function 

iWave’s SDIO slave demo board can be used to evaluate SDIO to UART Bridge with Linux Operating system.

Hariprasad Bhat- FPGA Engineer
iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.