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Fitness Tracker

iWave designed the hardware and software for Fitness Tracker device which can be used for various fitness applications. Fitness tracker devices include step counter, distance tracker, heart rate monitor and speed to help monitor all aspects of a person’s health. It is battery operated and powered on using On/Off switch. It senses the data from various sensors and sends the information over Bluetooth to any Smart phone having Bluetooth low energy support. It is ideal for non-critical medical applications, that require monitoring of various fitness parameters

Highlights of the Technology used:fitness-tracker

  • Fitness Tracker device supports PAN1721 Bluetooth Low Energy module and has in-built TI CC2541 chipset with BLE 4.0 version, Single mode support
  • It uses GATT/GAP profiles to transmit the data from the source to destination
  • Each sensors module has its own profile under GATT/GAP
  • Firmware up-gradation through USB (USB to UART)
  • LED is used to indicate discoverable and connected state of BT device

Sensors used:

  • SpO2 + Heart-rate
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Air Pressure
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Ambient Humidity
  • Ambient Light
  • Body Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Temperature


fitness-tracker-pcbThe device works on low power consumption operated by a battery of 3.7V @155mAh. The battery is USB chargeable. The overall device size is 50 x 15 x 5.5 mm and the approximate weight is 10gms.

Possible Mobile Application Usage:

  • Using mobile application data can be monitored continuously
  • Cloud storage of all the data can be done through mobile application, such that doctor will constantly analyze the data
  • Real time plotting of data for heart-rate can be done using mobile application
  • Time Stamping for the data can also be done in mobile application to monitor the time of the data received


For more details please reach to mktg@iwavesystems.com


Nithin Kumar
Senior Engineer (Software)
iWave Systems Technologies Pvt. Ltd.