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Extended monitor on WEC7 in Freescale’s i.MX6

Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WEC7), RTOS from the Microsoft family is available on iWave’s i.MX6 Development Platform. The i.MX6 Development board is powered with Freescale’s i.MX6 processor which integrates 2D & 3D Graphic accelerators and multi format 1080p encoder and decoder.Multi Monitor

The WEC7 BSP release supports RS232 Serial Console port, Micro SD, Standard SD, USB 2.0 Host, USB2.0 device, Ethernet, 7” TFT LCD, Resistive Touch Screen ,SATA HDD port, HDMI port and also necessary hardware codecs supported by the CPU. Debugging tools like KITL and Active Sync are also supported.

Windows Embedded Compact 7 helps connect multiple screens to a Windows CE-based device. Multiple screens allow applications to use multiple display devices at the same time. You can use multiple screens as one large combined screen. This extra space can be useful when you need to maximize your onscreen workspace, or when performing tasks in desktop publishing, Web development, or video editing.

iWave have successfully implemented this feature on iWave’s G15D develeopment platform and we are able to run two or more applications at a time. Users can drag any application  window to other monitor and play two videos simultaneously on two monitors. Currently we are able to have one 1080p HD  video playback on primary monitor and one MPG video of 320X240 resolution on secondary monitor. iWave has digged deep in IPU display driver to implement this feature in driver level. Extensive modifications were done in Freescale’s IPU display driver and successfully brought up this solution for i.MX6.

Couple of snaps with the Multi monitor or extended display on iWave’s G15D development kit.

Extended display with window kept across two monitors

Dual video playback on extended display, one 1080p HD video and one MPG video on primary and secondary monitors respectively


  • User can run multiple applications and view the application windows separately at the same time on two monitors.
  • User can drag the application window to the secondary monitor and open new application on primary monitor.
  • Effective use of the i.MX6 hardware and WEC7 supporteed features.


Support for DirectShow 1080p video playback on primary monitor and MPG video playback on secondary monitor at the same time.

Target Applications:

  • Automotive IVI
  • Telematics
  • Interactive POS
  • Industrial HMI
  • Medical

Support and Further Information:

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-Seetharam - Senior Engineer SW

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