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Wi-Fi Direct



Wi-Fi Direct a new wireless networking specification introduced by the Wi-Fi Alliance is based on a set of software protocols that allow Wi-Fi devices to talk and connect to each other without the need of a central hub or access point or hotspot . Wi-Fi Direct device connections can happen anywhere, anytime - even when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi-Services)

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  • Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi-Services)
  • Mobility & Portability (no external access point needed)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Speed communication (11 to 250Mbps)
  • Well Secured (Built in Security)
  • Multiple Connections are possible
  • Only devices that receive permission from the gatekeeper device are allowed to connect to other devices in the group.
  • Combines the advantages of Wi-Fi Ad-hoc connection and Bluetooth connection.

Below  Wi-Fi Direct features  are supported:

  • WFD Device Discovery  
    • Find phase
    • Scan phase
  • WFD group formation 
    • Group Owner Negotiation 
    • WSC  Provisioning 
  • Supports PIN/ PBC Method
  • Supports open/Embedded Supplicant
  • Supports One to one and One to many connections
  • Smart phone
  • Copy machine
  • Multi function device 
  • Image sensor
  • Medical device 
  • TV, Digital Camera 
  • Industrial embedded devices etc.

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