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Introduction about QNX 

QNX was developed by Canadian company named Quantum Software systems, later renamed as QNX software systems and was acquired by BlackBerry. QNX Software Systems is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. QNX is Unix like real time Operating System developed for Embedded Systems. It is based on the idea of running most of the Operating System in the form of number of small tasks called servers. QNX allows developers to turn off any functionality they do not require.

The QNX RTOS is a full-featured and robust OS that scales down to meet the constrained resource requirements of real-time embedded systems.Its true microkernel design and its modular architecture enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership. It offers the embedded industry’s only field-proven, clean strategy for migrating from single-core to multi-core processing.

iWave Expertise on QNX Platform

QNX on RZ/G1H platform


Porting of QNX on RZ/G1H platform:

Porting of the QNX 7.0.0 to our RZ/G1H custom platform includes driver porting, driver developments, unit test application development, testing phases etc. iWave's vast expertise in Bootloaders, as well as experience in various operating systems like Linux, QNX and Free RTOS helped the team successfully develop the QNX drivers for hardware interfaces.  Development of the Unit Test Applications for interfaces allowed us to further optimize the QNX platform as per customer requirements. iWave’s strong partnership with Renesas and QNX helped to fasten up the porting/development activity. Our dedicated team of testing engineers’ well- executed the testing phase and helped the team provide bug free deliverables to the customer on time. 


Key Features of RZ/G1H QNX BSP

Features Description

Quad ARM Cortex®-A15 MPCore® @ 1.4GHz and Quad ARM Cortex®-A7 MPCore® @ 780MHz.

Ethernet Dual Ethernet ports with EtherMAC and EtherAVB interface which supports speed limit of 10/100Mbps. RZ/G1H Qseven SOM supports “KSZ9031MNX” Ethernet PHY from Microchip and works at 3.3V IO voltage level.Quad ARM Cortex®-A15 MPCore® @ 1.4GHz and Quad ARM Cortex®-A7 MPCore® @ 780MHz.
CAN Dual CAN ports, supports programmable bit rate up to 1 Mbps with both formats of messages namely the standard identifier (11 bits) and extended identifier (29 bits). It also supports 64 mailboxes in two selectable (Normal and FIFO) mailbox mode.
PWM Three PWM interface is used to support digital signal. Time Pulse Unit is used to produce sophisticated pulse-width modulated signals.
Watchdog One channel is present which detects and recovers from malfunctions. Reset is generated when the counter overflows.
USB One USB 2.0 OTG interface and three USB 2.0 host interface, which supports High-Speed (480 Mbps)/Full-Speed (12 Mbps)/Low-Speed (1.5Mbps) transfer. 
SATA Supports one SATA Gen2 lane which support transfer rate of 3Gbps and also backward compatible to Gen1 transfer rate of 1.5Gbps
GPIO Supports 8 GPIO pins that can be configured as either input or output.
eMMC Supports 8GB eMMC Flash memory as mass storage. Memory size of the eMMC Flash can be expandable. 
I2C Supports three I2C interface with standard mode data transfer rates up to 100kbps and Fast mode data transfer rates up to 400kbps. It also supports Master/slave functions and Multi-master functions.
SPI Supports one SPI interface which supports full-duplex synchronous four-wire serial interface with DMA at max speed of 26Mbps.
Serial Communication   Serial data communications can be carried out with standard asynchronous communication chips such as a Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter. It supports 2 UART interfaces namely data UART and Debug UART.
RTC Updates the date and time of hardware clock through RTC Controller “PCF85263A”.


Benefits by choosing iWave for QNX Platform:

  • Recognized skills and know-how with QNX platforms 
  • Dedicated porting team (Software and Hardware)
  • QNX driver development team 
  • Qualitative, custom-made (according to your requirements) embedded board and SOM 
  • Individual and long lasting support 
  • QNX SDP-skilled indigenous engineering design services 
  • Wide range of customization and design capabilities as per request 

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