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Dual Channel Video Streaming on iWave’s i.MX6 Pico-ITX SBC

The PICO-ITX board embedded with i.MX6 quad core processor loaded with Yocto-Dora 1.5.3 now is capable of capturini-mx-6-video-streamingg and streaming full HD (1080p) video from an on-board camera. Not only it can stream 1080p full HD video to a destined host machine, it is also capable of streaming two 1080p (2 streams) simultaneously at 24fps.

In some of the use case scenario, user may want to stream two streams of different resolutions like 1080p and 720p simultaneously. Where high resolution on faster network and low resolution on low bandwidth network, in such use case scenario it is possible to stream multiple streams at various resolutions.

The differentiating feature in this system is, it can encode and stream multiple streams simultaneously at maximum 1080p resolution or lesser.  The maximum streaming achieved on all i.MX system earlier was VGA. The possible application of this system could be surveillance and streaming server at full HD resolution.


Dual Video Streaming using i.MX6 Dual Pico-ITX Single Board Computer


Imagine a system which has two independent displays and can run different content from the embedded computer at the same time. iWave has developed this system with i.MX 6 processor based PICO-ITX platform running Yocto-Dora(1.5) is now equipped with such feature.

The system can decode and play two different HD ([email protected]) videos at the time using two LVDS displays.






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