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DMA Core for PCIe Hard IP



iWave provides the user application for PCI-e target bridge to access the control & status registers of custom logic and data transfers to custom logic. In addition multi-channel scatter gather DMA core provides the hardware assisted high speed data transfers between the PCI-e and custom logic. This IP core simplifies the integration of PCI-e hard macro controller with custom logic.

DMA Core for PCIe Hard IP

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  • DMA Core for PCIe Hard IP
  • TLP Encoding &Decoding and completion packet handling simplifies integration of customlogic with PCI-e
  • Easy to use scatter gather DMA controller
  • TLP Encoding and Decoding
  • Completion packet handling done by target bridge
  • Integrated Arbiter with round robin fashion
  • 32/64 bit AXI stream user interface from PCIe Hard IP depends on no. of PCIe lanes
  • User interface operating frequency is 62.5/125 MHz
  • Simple synchronous target interface to access custom logic
  • Altera version supports these devices: Cyclone IV G, Aria II GX, Statix IV GX and Stratix V GX
  • Supports Legacy and MSI Interrupts
  • Scatter-gather DMA controller for high performance8 programmable DMA channels

    • Simple synchronous interface to custom logic
    • Separate channel for data and buffer descriptor transfer
    • Scattered/Contiguous Buffer descriptor support
    • Auto-increment or constant address pointer feature
    • Mask-able error, status and data completion interrupts
  • Xilinx version supports these devices: Spartan 6, Virtex 5 and Virtex 6

  • Design Document
  • Verilog RTL or Netlist Source code
  • Test Bench
  • IP User Guide

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