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Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM for Machine Vision Application

Machine Vision Technology deals with the image capturing and analysis to automate differentcyclone-v-soc-som tasks such as inspection, gauging and counting. Machine Vision mainly consists of:

  • Image capturing (obtaining the digital representation of an image)  
  • Digital image processing (Computational techniques for processing the image)
  • Automated Analysis/Decision based on the processed image

The common output of the Machine Vision is Pass/Fail decision. These decisions may inturn trigger to accept/reject the materials and display the defects in the materials.


Machine Vision Application using iWave’s Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM:

iWave's Cyclone V SoC Qseven module could be used to implement the Machine Vision application that includes Image capturing, pre-processing the image samples, running the processing algorithms and displaying the processed image in GUI with defect details. The Image Capture and pre-processing logic can be implemented in the FPGA fabric (programmable logic) while the ARM processor (processor system) can take care of the Image processing algorithms. Processed image data can then be mixed and displayed on the LCD from FPGA fabric.

As a sample application the machine vision system can have the Display GUI in LCD which gives the details about the defects. The defect information includes the sample number, test result, number of defects etc. The defects found will be highlighted by the application in order to make the defect detection easier. The application can be customized to add some more details and zoom in/out which increases the visibility of the defects. The pictorial representation of the Display GUI is shown below. iWave’s Cyclone V SOC Qseven SOM is best suitable for such different applications machine-vision-block-diagram-apprelated to machine vision.

iWave Cyclone V SoC Qseven module is fully standard compatible OEM module. SOMs are available in Industrial temperature grade and can be customized to other temperature grade, with long term availability and technical support for applications in different domains. iWave provides BSP/device drivers with rich feature set for multiple OS environments with good documentation. The modules & BSPs are targeted and being used in multiple products already. The modules ensure lower risk; No complex PCB design and long term product life support. Technical & customization support is provided even for the low volume segment. iWave’s unique ability to provide Qseven module and BSP support under one roof helps the client to shorten the product development life cycle and achieve quick time to market.

Click here to watch the Video on "Getting Started with iWave's Cyclone V SoC Qseven Development Kit using Linux"

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