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iWave Provides QNX BSP Support For Customized i.MX6 Platforms

iWave supports QNX® 6.5 Neutrino® BSP support for its i.MX6 board BSP to meet the constrained resource requirements of real-time embedded systems. Its true microkernel design and modular architecture enable the customers to create extremely optimized and reliable systems with total low cost of ownership. QNX provides an environment allowing the developers to extract the maximum performance from multicore processors.

Salient Features of iWave’s iMX6 Platform with QNX BSP:

  • Serial console support  
  • Ethernet support
  • SD Card support
  • SATA support
  • SPI Flash support
  • CAN support
  • I2C support


Rekha is Member-Technical (Software)
 At the Bangalore centre of
 iWave Systems Technologies.