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Multi-Monitor System


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In most of the Windows Embedded Compact projects will be based on single display, whereas this project comes in with an unusual request to support two display panels. Supporting two display panels in WEC was never attempted in our previous projects, with initial study on the WEC component which support multi-monitor the project was kick started. With 6 months of detailed study and dedicated work we were able to finally deliver the multi-monitor support on I.MX6 based platform.

What is multi-monitor support?

Multi-monitor in WEC is a unique feature which allows connecting more than one monitor to a WEC based system; here user can experience WEC desktop shell extended across more than one monitor and even can instantiate many applications and drag the GUI window of an application to chosen display with a simple mouse operation.

What have we achieved?

We were able to support multi-monitor feature on an i.MX6 based platform running Windows Embedded Compact7 with two display panels. In this environment users were allowed to instantiate two application and view the respective GUI window on chosen display panel with a simple window selection, drag and drop mouse events.


Existing WEC7 BSP support single display in IPUv3 Driver. To support Dual display, Driver should be enabled to support for another display interface. Understanding the existing IPUv3 driver architecture and working with Microsoft to support two display panels was challenging interns of implementation. The challenge was also involved in Graphics,Windowing and Events Subsystem (GWES) layer of WEC7 to link with driver.

Solution offered by iWave:

Key Features/Solution:

• Dual display support on i.MX6 based development kit
• Video play back on each screen

System Specification:

iWave’sRainboW-G15D-Q7 platform

Area of Expertise:

Expertise in developing display device driver for Freescale’s i.MX processor based development platforms, devices and also customizing the display driver to support multiple display panels.


• Integration of two display panels to single processor based system
• Individually controllable display panels


Possible Applications:

• Digital signage
• Billing system