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Golf cart tracker using i.MX6 Q7 SOM


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Golf Cart Guide System is used to monitor the cart position (Using GPS), to calculate the delay in supplementing the cart position, to identify the members with the player list in the clubhouse. The system also provides warning messages during lightning, fog, etc to ensure safety of golfers.

GPS golf position tracker:

The GPS golf position tracker locates golf players, landscaping equipment’s, and golf carts in real time.

Nearly all golf courses have distance markers and yardages marked on sprinkler heads. This offers some information to the golfer. However, the golf game is often slowed down as “pace off” the distance from these markers. GPS position tracker provides distance to hazards, lay-up areas and other critical information which help the golfers to improve their game. Golf is often seen as a game of technique and knowledge of distances. Golfer understands the distance they can hit the ball with a selected golf club by using GPS golf position tracker.

GPS golf position tracker:

The golf cart tracker uses sophisticated mapping equipment (GPS) and mapping software to verify exact location of tee box, hazards, bunkers and the centre of green. Touch control is used for selection of ace.

The golf cart tracker is equipped with SDIO Wi-Fi. The tracker is connected to a Server using the Wi-Fi. On the server, the Golfer stores and retrieves game information. Golfer can analyse the information to self-assess the game.

The golf club map is loaded on a bright LCD display. GPS position tracker together with LCD touch panel helps to see the distances and directions perfectly. The information regarding can be accessed using the golf cart tracker. Current points, current position, etc are also displayed on the LCD.

Golf hazard warning system:

The golf cart tracker functions can be extended to get information about hazards like lightning, weather problem, fog etc. The golfer can plan the game accordingly. Audio and LCD display interfaces can be used to give warning messages.

Key Features:

  • i.MX6 Solo core Qseven SOM
  • Operating System: Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • High brightness LCD display
  • Touch panel
  • AC’97 Audio
  • Key input
  • GPS
  • Wi-Fi SDIO interface
  • USB mass usage

Solution offered by iWave:

iWave’s i.MX6 Qseven module was seamlessly integrated with customer carrier card. Given iWave’s design Quality and Technical Support client could easily adapt iWave’s SOM into their design. iWave’s unique ability to provide Qseven module and BSP support under one roof helps client to shorten the product development life cycle and quick time to market.