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Advanced Transport System

Intelligent Transport System using i.MX6 Q7 SOM


This European client is one of the leading players in the public transport sector providing open platform for end-to-end solutions like intelligent transport system, automatic fare collection projects, e-ticketing and so on.


Road transport organizations typically have huge number of buses operating in different routes from remote located depots. Passengers expects comfortable, reliable and punctuality from public transportation system. Advanced transport system provides solution to accomplish these expectations from Road transport organisations.

The system provides vehicle tracking system by which passenger can track the vehicle route, timing and cost without communicating with the staff member. Lack of vehicle staff resource problem can be tackled using automatic fare collection system integrated. This even helps to reduce the investment on staff resources. Driver alone is sufficient to handle issuing ticket to passenger and driving the vehicle.

Driver terminal system

A driver terminal system is a computerized console system through which driver can control fare collection system, can monitor vehicle condition information and can control passenger infotainment systems. Driver will update the fare related information. Passenger infotainment (Audio, LED Display etc.) system will be updated by driver using this console system, which includes the information related to next stop, destination and trip details.

Automatic fare collection system

An automatic fare collection system is capable of issuing passenger tickets and transmitting the ticket data wirelessly. The authentication is done using Smart-Cards.

Passenger Information system

Passenger information system incorporates all the functionality of collecting, interpreting, preparing and presenting passenger information to displays and other external systems. The display board shows route and stage information on which the bus is currently plying.

Vehicle Control System

The Vehicle control System is on board computer system integrated with the driver terminal system to get the vehicle positioning data according to current GPS detected location along with other information such as driver, route and stages, vehicle engine and BUS parameters like temperature, engine speed, door status, etc are updated. It can also control the security camera as well as vehicle rear camera units fitted inside and outside the vehicle

Key Features:

  • Audio (AC97)
  • CAN
  • LCD
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • UART
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • PCIe switch Interface for Wi-Fi, GSM Modules

Solution offered by iWave:

Advanced transport system’s Driver terminal system, Electronic ticketing machine and Real time passenger information system incorporate iWave’s i.MX6 Qseven SOM module. This SOM module is ideal for application that require man machine interface and high speed/performance processing at acceptable power consumption and heat dissipation levels.

iWave’s i.MX6 Qseven module was seamlessly integrated with customer applications. Given iWave’s design Quality and Technical Support, client could easily adapt iWave’s SOM into their design. iWave provides i.MX6 processor module hardware and BSP support under one roof.

iWave’s in-house software BSP support clients to validate the end application quickly and achieve short product development life cycle and quick time to market.