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Camera/HDMI Video Input Interface



Camera/HDMI Video Input Interface core capture the incoming clocked video of horizontal and vertical active picture data and removes the blanking picture data. There is no conversion done to the incoming clocked video data and the color plane remains same as incoming clocked video data.

Camera/HDMI Video Input Interface

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  • Camera/HDMI Video Input Interface
  • Core supports HSYNC and HREF mode to capture
  • Core capture up to 1080p video data
  • 444 RGB/YCbCr from HDMI or 422 YCbCr from Digital camera
  • 24-bit pixel data from HDMI or 8-bit pixel data from Digital camera
  • Supports Progressive type scan
  • Programmable resolution up to 1080p
  • Programmable interface timing (front and back porch)
  • Programmable polarity of frame clock & line clock
  • By integrating with digital cameras/VGA/HDMI, this can be used in remote monitoring systems, security systems and etc.
  • Design Document
  • Verilog RTL or Netlist Source code
  • Test Bench
  • IP User Guide


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