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ARINC 818-2 FPGA IP Core


ARINC 818-2 is an industry standard a high speed serial protocol which defines the digital display information and its mapping to Fibre Channel which is used for high-speed digital video display data communications. Though this protocol is specifically developed for avionics applications, it finds its application in defence, healthcare, networks, security and transportation domains.

iWave's ARINC FPGA IP is compatible with ARINC 818-2 specification. IP consists of independent transmitter and receiver channel, user can use either one or both at a time. Video transmit and receive Streaming Interface feature of this IP made easy to integrate this with available  FPGA specific streaming IP and use for high throughput video transfer application. Aerospace applications currently use many different video formats. Video formats differ in their Frame Rates, resolution, pixel density, and interlace/progressive video format. All these video parameters can be configurable through IP user interface. iWave's ARINC supports all the frame rate and Pixel Aspect ratio supported by avionic display.


iWave’s ARINC IP is not limited for particular resolution and frame rate. Maximum resolution supported depends on the FPGA transceiver speed used for implementation. This enables users to select any FPGA device which is capable of supporting the required resolution and frame rate. The transceiver connection ports match the physical interface signals of transceivers in major FPGA devices, to simplify the integration.


Key Features:

ARINC Features

IP Validation and Performance Testing:

The IP has been tested and validated for its performance. Validation and testing is performed on iWave's, FPGA Development Board making use of LVDS LCD interface (800x480 resolution) & Camera Input Interface present in the board. Camera Input streamed to ARINC, in transceiver streamed data will be looped back and displayed on the LCD as shown in figure below. ARINC IP is integrated with other streaming Video IP and following video formats are tested on this board.

  1. Camera Input (PAL)
  2. RGB progressive 4:4:4
  3. YCbCr progressive 4:2:2

iWave will provide reference designs for testing this IP and there is flexibility to modify the IP as per customer provided ICD (Interface Control document), which defines key parameters like link speed, video resolution, color format, ancillary data detail and timing details.

IP Deliverables:

 Following are the deliverables provided for this IP:

  • Design Document
  • RTL Source Code or Device Specific Net list
  • Test Bench
  • IP User Guide 

For implementation details and features supported by the IP, please find here.

 - Preeti N

 Senior Engineer