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Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM for Video Analytics Application

iWave’s Cyclone V SoC Qseven System On Module is the industry-first Qseven design for this particular FPGA. The Cyclone V SoC Module offers remarkable integration capabilities delivering application-class ARM® Cortex™-A9 processors, state-of-the-art transceivers, and memory controllers integrated with high-performance programmable logic fabric due to unique design of the FPGA fabric. The module is equipped Altera's Cyclone V SX SoC FPGA which has Dual core ARM Cortex-A9, Hard Processor System(HPS), FPGA with upto 110K LEs;  512MB DDR3 with ECC for HPS, 256MB DDR3 for FPGA. In order to make the module/design compatible with Qseven specification the appropriate are brought out at the Qseven edge connector.


Advantages of Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM over regular (non FPGA) Qseven SOMs:

Using iWave’s Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM in the system often eliminates the need for implementation of complex FPGA circuit in a custom carrier board. Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM allows greater flexibility, saves cost and system space. High speed differential IO interfaces supported in the SoC are configurable. Customer can configure the IO as SATA/PCIe/Rapid IO based on their end requirements. (In regular app processor based SOMs, this flexibility is not available). For instance if a particular application demands that high speed video ADC’s/DAC’s to be interfaced, because of FPGA on chip the client can easily use the high speed transceivers that are otherwise used for PCIe or SATA interface.



The SOM can be deployed for wide array of applications requiring FPGA + Processor for the implementation such as, drives, solar inverters, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or camera-based surveillance systems in a single device.

 One such application is shown here: Cyclone V SoC Qseven SOM for Video Analytics Application:


 Key technology used in this application:

  • High speed video capture using SOC’s FPGA IF
  • Video & Graphic processing through Dual core CPU
  • High speed mass storage on SATA SSD disk
  • High speed video streaming over Gigabit Ethernet


iWave’s unique ability to provide qseven module and BSP support under one roof helped the client to shorten the product development life cycle and achieve quick time to market.

Click here to watch the Video.

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Anitha D'Souza - Business Development Executive
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