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Competitive Advantages

With over 23 years of embedded design experience and extensive engineering resources cultivating continuous innovation, iWave helps customers focus on their competencies whilst speeding their time to market with reduced risk and complexity.

System on Modules

 Single Board Computers

A vast portfolio of System on Modules and Single Board Computers built on various CPU and FPGA SOC platforms with different form factors such as Qseven, SMARC, SODIMM, PCIe and HPC.

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Telematics and Connected   Mobility Solutions

iWave enables the future of Connected Mobility with Telematic Control Units, V2X Solutions, OBD Loggers, and protocol stacks, developed through our extensive automotive expertise.

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       ARINC IP Cores and ARINC            818 Solutions

A suite of powerful ARINC IP Cores : ARINC 818-2 and ARINC 664, complemented by ARINC Solutions such as recorders , monitors , protocol converters and video analyzers.

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HMI Solutions

Through a high performance and modular standard with pre-integrated software, the Human Machine Interface (HMI) Solutions from iWave cater to diverse applications and use cases.

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Engineering Services

Building on 22 years of embedded design and product engineering expertise, we offer hardware design services, software development and porting, and complete product development.

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Security Suite

The security suite from iWave helps secure digital and connected devices, through security functions such as encryption, storage, data transmission and certificate management.

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Featured Products

i.MX 8XLite OSM – SE LGA Module

i.MX 8XLite powered Solderable System on Module, built on the OSM Standard Size-S, targeted towards V2X, Connected Automotive, and Industrial IoT applications.

Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC SOM

The RFSoC System on Module is equipped with 16 Channel RF-DAC @10GSPS and 16 Channel RF-ADCs @ 2.5GSPS, with the support for up to 930K Logic Cells.

12.1″ Rugged HMI Solution

Available in 12.1”, The HMI is integrated with an IP67 enclosure and M12 rated IP connectors and built to withstand extreme conditions and harsh outdoor installations.

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    News & Updates

    25 Nov 2022

    Telematics Gateways & OTA for Electric Vehicles

    Technological disruptions are transforming the automotive industry, and among these changes is the shift to electric vehicles or EVs. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance, EVs will represent 57% of

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    25 Nov 2022

    Case Study: UDS Protocol Stack enabling Diagnostics in Electric Vehicles

    The rapid rollout of electric vehicles (EVs) is accelerating the industry to adopt new technologies to make them more efficient and sustainable. They demand advanced diagnostic tools for managing and

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    18 Nov 2022

    Embedded Systems Powering LiDAR Solutions

    Manufacturers and automakers are racing to design self-driving cars, to reduce accidents and improve traffic flow. So, to achieve autonomous capability in vehicles the central processing system must perform the

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