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8237 DMA Controller



8237 DMA Controller is a peripheral core for microprocessor systems. It controls data transfer between the main memory and the external systems with limited CPU intervention.

8237 DMA Controller (FPGA IP Cores)

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  • 8237 DMA Controller (FPGA IP Cores)
  • Compatible with 8237 and uPD71071
  • The controller can improve the system performance by allowing external devices to transfer data directly to or from system memory
  • Multi-mode programmability allows the user to select from three different transfer modes


  • 24-bit length address register
  • 16-bit length count register
  • 4 independent DMA channels
  • 4 clock / 1 bus cycle
  • Byte transfer / word transfer selectable
  • Supports three transfer modes (Single, Demand, Block)
  • DMA request Maskable on an individual channel basis
  • Software DMA request in uPD1037 mode
  • Auto initialization function
  • Two kinds of channel priority order (Fixed & Rotating)
  • Cascading capability


  • Core is designed to use with industry standard microprocessors.
  • Design Document
  • Verilog RTL or Netlist Source code
  • Test Bench
  • IP User Guide

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